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 Business Insurance

Insurance for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers and medical professionals face a complex spectrum of risks. We offer a range of tailored insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses in the healthcare industry.

Medical Professional Liability & General Liability

Global liability products designed to meet your unique healthcare risk management needs.

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Management Liability Coverage

Management liability, EPLI, fiduciary liability insurance and more for private and nonprofit entities.

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Privacy and Network Liability Insurance Program Designed for Health Care and Managed Care

Comprehensive coverage for your computer networks, websites, and sensitive customer or employee information, as well as third-party corporate information. You can also secure Internet media liability and network extortion coverage.

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Premises Pollution Liability Portfolio (PPL Port) Policy

You can access all the coverages and benefits of our Premises Pollution Liability Portfolio (PPL Port) Policy, including enhanced coverages tailored to healthcare-specific risks.

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Healthcare Property

Offering significant capacity and policies crafted to provide you with coverage for property and equipment breakdowns.

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Inland Marine - Builders Risk Insurance

You now have the ability to attach builders risk insurance coverage to your existing Chubb property policy to ensure a seamless approach.

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Heliport & Non-owned Aircraft

We offer underwriting expertise, loss prevention and claims staff specific for your aviation and aerospace exposures.

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Global Casualty

Our customizable products are designed to provide you with primary casualty policies that include general liability, workers’ compensation and commercial automobile coverages. As a large national or multinational company, we can offer you a Controlled Master Program policy with admitted local policy placement(s), flexible program structures and tailored risk transfer options.

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Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Industry Practice

Chubb offers comprehensive products for all stages of your merger & acquisitions process.

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Chubb Small Business

Chubb Small Business leverages superior underwriting expertise and world renowned claims and account services to offer exceptional insurance solutions for small healthcare businesses.

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Chubb provides the flexibility and has the ability to offer you capacity and support of larger bond programs.

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Our robust suite of claim and consulting services provide you with extensive experience in managing the complex nature of healthcare claims and accounts.

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Healthcare Risk Management Portal

Our online portal includes tools and resources designed exclusively for our healthcare clients, to proactively address the critical risk management and safety challenges they may face.

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Piedmont Healthcare
Safety first. Also second and third.

Learn how Chubb healthcare insurance services helped a hospital network grow and improve patient safety standards.

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