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 Business Insurance

Life Sciences

Your passion is to develop lifesaving or life extending products to prevent, treat or cure disease. Our passion is to support your company’s development by delivering specialized insurance and risk management solutions that minimize loss potential, and protect your bottom line from the financial consequences of an insured loss or lawsuit.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies face critical exposures on a daily basis.  Chubb offers coverages that can help your business keep pace. 

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Medical Device Companies

As a proven leader in writing insurance programs for medical device companies worldwide, Chubb can provide your business with protection against today’s complex risks.

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Clinical Trials

Chubb’s clinical trial coverage offers a global solution for U.S.-based life sciences companies, no matter where in the world they conduct clinical trials.

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Dietary Supplement and Nutraceutical Companies

Chubb offers an expanded suite of coverages to meet the growing needs of supplement and nutraceutical companies.

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Life Sciences Services Organizations

Offering flexible coverage solutions to help manage the exposures of companies that provide products, services or support to the life sciences industry.

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Balancing Innovation with Risk and Regulation to Drive Sustained Performance

This report presents key findings that can serve as a platform for middle market life sciences executives looking for insight into their own challenges as well as the challenges faced by their partners in the industry.


  • Experienced leadership
  • Claims coordination through the Chubb worldwide network
  • Advanced customer focused technology
  • Industry Leading global network and product breadth
  • In-depth knowledge of clinical trials and underwriting expertise
  • Locally-admitted policies in most countries, including South America and the Middle East, where coverage may not be readily available
  • Package policies, including property, automobile, inland marine, crime, boiler and machinery, and workers compensation for companies conducting clinical trials and research and development
  • Global program compliance and clinical trial certificate service

Industry Recognition

We've been recognized from the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) as their BIO Business Solutions endorsed property casualty insurer and from the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA).


Targeting Life Sciences Global Exposures

Marketing Materials

NEW! Risk engineering services customized for Life Sciences businesses
NEW! Risk engineering services customized for Life Sciences businesses
Advisory: Innovation and Global Competition Add Risk to Life Sciences Industry
Advisory: Innovation and Global Competition Add Risk to Life Sciences Industry
Advisory: Foreign Clinical Trials Can Face Insurance Tribulations
Advisory: Foreign Clinical Trials Can Face Insurance Tribulations
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